Saturday, September 20, 2014

Odile has left her mark...

We've had a lot of rain from the remnants of Odile.  It is really cold at night, too, so I've taken to using my winter "fur" sheets and wearing socks to sleep in.  OK, pajamas too. Seriously, what are you thinking out there?   

The rain has made me rethink doing anything outside.  I decided to can today inside.  But, needed a good breakfast, first.

OK, didn't have a good breakfast.  Well, it's was a GOOD breakfast, good tasting, but not one to give me lots of energy for a day working outside.  And since I wasn't going to be outside, this is what I chose.  Mmmmmm; waffles, strawberries, pecans and whipped cream.  

Afterwards, I went and gleaned any new green beans and got to canning......

...and put up several jars of green beans and potatoes.  I seriously can't wait to try them this winter.   I found this recipe on the internet and it seemed like something I'd like.   I'll let you know what we thought of them when we get around to trying them.

I also put up a few more jars of canned zucchini for stews and such.  There seems to be enough for several meals this winter.  

I seriously hope we are not sick of zucchini before spring.

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