Saturday, September 13, 2014

Oktoberfest has arrived...

Yes, it's already that time of year.  There's music playing throughout the mountains.  The beer garden is open and people are enjoying the cooler days of almost-fall.  I say almost, because it hit 91 degrees in my garden, so I still think fall is far away.

I wasn't feeling the need for beer, though, so I had my stein filled with root beer.  Mmmm!

After working on the garden, I found time for filling a few jars of canned zucchini.   I've found going "chunks" is probably going to be the way I can them from now on.  The chunk cutting takes no time at all, so no having to drag out the mandolin for slices.   

My pantry is filling up.  This winter I'm definitely getting some stews done and we'll see how the zucchini fits into them.   I almost have enough tomatoes for another batch of sauce. Maybe I'll try stewed tomatoes for my next canning session.  Man, I'm feeling all "Pioneer Woman" all of a sudden.

I'm filling up on eggs, too, so I'm going to try freezing them in ice cube trays and see how they are when thawed later for meals.   The girls get two hard-boiled eggs a day in their greens and veggie rations, but we need to use more, or we'll have them up to our eyeballs. 

Working on plans for the garden next year.  I'm now fairly sure that there will be a few straw bales figuring in the plans, but just around the perimeter.  I think building new, long beds will be the best way to use my space in the garden.

Steve found me working on the computer drawings of the new garden.  He said something like....."I hope that drawing isn't something you're planning for me to do"......

At least I think he said that.   
I couldn't hear him well with all the plans going around in my head.

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