Monday, September 15, 2014

Quite and peace in the garden.....

I was sitting in the garden and enjoying the peace.  No music, no vehicle traffic, just me and Ziva.   It's nice when Oktoberfest is done for the year.

The breezes were blowing and I just sat and listened.  There are goats somewhere near us; sounds like baby ones.  The rooster that lives far away was going off.  There was someone burning somewhere near and it smelled soooo good.  Thunder in the distance makes me wonder what the night will be like.  

All of the local kids are in school, so no talking... laughing.  Just vegged. LOVED it!!

The hummingbird feeders came in last night, while the little guys were sleeping.  They need to get moving down to southern Arizona, or Mexico; wherever these little ones spend their winter.  We usually get the feeders down around September 1st, but it's been so warm that we felt they could still get in a few more calories before the long trip.

We've been banging and knocking on this poor little pumpkin for weeks now.  Steve and I decided that it sounded hollow to both of us and it was cut off the vine.  It's a small one. And, the only one.  I thought we'd get a few on the vine, but not to be.  There is still a vine in the straw bale garden, but only leaves on it.  Not even one flower.  Darn!

The lettuce bed is slowly going away.  I had to clear away a lot of stems today.  Most were starting to bolt and the nights are cold, so I've decided to just let the bed go empty.  Still a few green onions there that I hope ripen before they get killed by frost.   I'm researching clover as a green mulch for the beds for winter.

The bees seem to have had no trouble finding the yellow crook-neck squash plant in the greenhouse.  It still seems like a very tiny plant, though.  Nothing like the behemoth in the garden bed.   The plant in the bed has started to yellow and no new squash has appeared so the cold nights might be affecting it.   There are some flowers on the zucchini in the greenhouse, but no fruits have appeared.

Beef Stroganoff going in the crock pot tonight and it's starting to make me hungry.  If the thunder means rain is coming tonight, we'll be all cozy and full of pasta.  

What a night.

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