Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rain, rain, go away... oh heck, just keep coming....

                                                            YES, we are still here!  

We are being drowned here and it looks like it'll keep coming for the next few days.  
Haven't been washed down the side of our mountain, yet, but having problems with the internet. Since the internet line is under ground, I think all this rain has been causing problems connecting to my blog.

I can get a short connection today, off and on, but it's not allowing pictures.  I get a little typing done, before I lose the connection, so please bear with me.  Thank goodness I can get a few lines saved each time before I'm kicked off, again.

Anyway, please give us a little time to figure out what is happening.

I think I saw the chickens going by the window doing breast strokes.   Ha! 
Chickens... breasts... get it?  Yes, I know.  Bad!

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