Thursday, September 11, 2014

Retirement... nothing to do, but plan.....

                                                                 Yes, we are retired.  

That statement, however, doesn't mean that we don't make plans.... like for the garden.... the chickens..... vacations.... life.  I plan just about everything, and my Type A personality makes changing plans an area I find hard to accommodate.   I plan dinners, car repair, doctor appointments and shopping trips. 

The last 2 days, it's been hectic.  Plans have gone out the window.  Ziva, and the vehicle, have conspired against me.  I still have my hair, though.

1st, Ziva caught something, or ate something!  Yesterday morning, she was running around, playing and generally goofing around.  At noon, she had the runs and long, egg-whitey drool spewing from her mouth.  Other than that, she was fine.  We, however, weren't.  

Emergency call to the vet for an appointment, pronto!  He was out of town on another emergency.  WHAT!?  So, it was a trip into Show Low to the vet there.  We were nervous; she was enjoying the car trip.  Dogs!  She received fluids, pills and a special diet for a few days. She's acting like nothing is wrong with her..... she loves me a lot, though, 'cause I'm making her special dinners.   Hamburger and rice (neither which I had because I hadn't PLANNED on buying them on my last PLANNED shopping trip).

2nd, we arrived home, when we were called by the dealership and told the part they'd ordered had come in.  WHAT PART!?   My baby had a clean bill of health.  

"Oh, yeah, we noticed an exhaust leak and the part has come in."   We headed into town today, which I DO like 'cause we get to eat a breakfast out.  However, we didn't come home with our vehicle.  Nope!  After sitting in the waiting room for an hour after breakfast, we were told it wouldn't be coming home with us.  We were dropped off by the dealership and hopefully we get her back, tomorrow.   I had planned on bringing it home, though.

Now, I'd planned 2 dinners in these 2 days.  I didn't get to make, or eat, either of them.  

I planned to work around the chicken coop.  I planned to put out some yard decor (OK, not a big priority); I planned to clear areas of the garden; I planned to watch Steve weed-whack.  

What we received were "you fix whatever you want" dinners and no work accomplished around the homestead.   

Yes, we don't really have a time schedule.  
Yes, we don't have to be anywhere in particular.

But, but, but... my plans...!!!

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