Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The "eyes" have it.....

                                              I guess I've got the eyes of a 60 year old.

I have pretty good eyesight.  It's not what it used to be, but I can still read a sign 3 miles away on the freeway.  OK, maybe 2 miles away.  I can't read without glasses, now, and I'd trade these eyes for Steve's, as he has just the opposite of me.  He can read labels in the store (a necessity as far as I'm concerned) and he can read a recipe card and tell me the instructions.   He can read a magazine, or newspaper, at the drop of a hat, whereas, I'm searching for glasses.  He, however, misses turns 'cause he won't/doesn't read signs. 
Still, I'd trade mine, for his.

I'm NOT blind and I can see when in the garden, and weed and seed and feed......

So, imagine me; outside, religiously checking the plants for items to glean.  Ah, a tomato here.....a squash there......a strawberry there, and eaten.....  So, how did I miss......

this????   It was right in the center, practically pointed in my direction.  Not hidden under a tomato plant, or anything.   I swear my eyes can't be that bad.  Still, this got away from my and grew to several pounds.  YIKES!!   The chickens will feast for quite a while.

While getting things done early in the garden this morning, trying to beat the rain that's expected from Hurricane Odile, I had this little guy stop by .  He was fast, so getting a picture of him was harder than expected.  If I could've waited until he moved into the sun, it would've been a better picture, but honestly, he was like greased lightning.  I think he was checking me out, so he was still for just a split second.

Anyway, he's a Horned Lizard.  It's hard to see his "horns" in this shaded shot, but they are there.  As kids, we called them horny toads.  Almost seems a indelicate name, now.  They were probably every kids pet at sometime in their lives, especially in Arizona.   

I had one.  He meet an untimely end.  He got out of his cage and into some clothes, just before my mom washed them.  You can probably imagine what happened to him.  Suffice it to say, he came back to me, flat and rigid.  

He had a lovely burial in our backyard.  I believe he may have even had a toy bed to spend eternity sleeping on.  We had a rose garden that all "pets" ended up in when they'd passed on.  They received a proper burial, many times with accompanying services, and even had Dicondra seeds sprinkled over their "plots" to give them lovely green grass rectangles. Many a lizard, hamster, gerbil, Praying Mantis, bird and other assorted "beings" now rest there. We were very sad, and solemn, when our pets went to heaven.

Sorry, mist in my eyes.... guess Odile rain has arrived.... yes, that's it..........


  1. That zuc is huge. I remember at the ex-inlaws we would pick those big ones and feed them to the was kind of fun having the cows eat out of our hands. Hey, is that eggplant you have there too. ha, ha. LL