Sunday, September 7, 2014

You say "tomato" and I say "tomahto".....

Today I spent most of the day just getting 8 pounds of tomatoes de-skinned and de-seeded. It took sooooo long that I just decided to put them away until tomorrow to actually make the pasta sauce for canning.  And, this was just for HALF of my recipe.  
                 I'd still be working on those tomatoes if I was making a whole recipe.

My tomatoes are still going strong, but I've not produced enough ripe ones for my pasta sauce canning.  I added a few pounds from the store.  I KNOW!!!  SHOCKING!!!!  
But, getting even 8 pounds together was an undertaking.

I really made a mess, too.  Halfway though the skinning and seeding, I was about ready to give up.  I think I'll make Steve help next time.   I'm sure many out there have done their share of sauce canning, but it was more work than I thought it would be. 

Boil a few tomatoes in it...take out and put in ice water...pull off skins...cut them open...remove seeds and in bowl...pick up and rinse off those that "shoot" from fingers and land on foot...remove Ziva from kitchen, a few more tomatoes into boiling water... etc, etc, etc.......

I was thinking that all of us in this house would be much saner if I just stopped after the process and try the actual canning tomorrow.

Please pray for strength.....

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