Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ziva's 1st birthday party......

Since I missed a blog during the Labor Day holiday, I think I owe an extra blog.

So, I'm putting on Ziva's 1st birthday celebration pictures, which happened on the 27th. 
With all of our visitors, I missed getting them onto the blog.

She always gets excited when Steve cooks hamburger patties, but she never gets one, so she wasn't expecting a surprise on August 27th.  Steve cooked them, then walked them over to the table, which he doesn't do.  He fiddled with the candle and she was a trifle curious about that.  When he lit it she backed off from the flame.  Steve was able to get her to the table with a lot of coaxing, so here she is with her "cake."

                       I think she was finally getting the idea that maybe this was for her.
        Said a BIG happy birthday, removed the candle and placed her treat down for her.

In 3 seconds her "cake" was history and she spent another minute making sure it was all gone.   She looked around like she was wondering "do I get any more?" then checked that the plate was empty, again.  

She'd had her year check-up last week and is now 71 pounds of pure muscle and the vet said she's a beauty.  

We already knew THAT!!!

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