Wednesday, October 1, 2014

32 degrees and pecan rolls go together.....

Anyone's tummy growling?  Mine was this morning, so I made our favorite Pecan Caramel rolls. Seriously, probably NOT good for us, but they are so GOOD.  And, when you wake to freezing temps, it makes some sense to make a breakfast that makes you feel all warm inside and gives you a jolt of sugar to get to work.   I guess dinner will have to be a better pick?

Today, I worked on tomatoes.  As pic shows, I think I had enough come in for another day of canning and it was Basil Garlic sauce today.   Supposedly, the recipe says that it would be easier than my last recipe, which had called for blanching and peeling the tomatoes, first.  
I would see.  (10:00 AM)

Well, let's just say that this was not easier than my last canning session (6:00 PM).  
I'm definitely going back to the other method of canning pasta sauce.  Yes, it was nice not having to blanch tomatoes, but it's the after-work that made this recipe exhausting.   

1st;   Cutting them up and coring them was fine.
2nd; Stewing them with the garlic and onions was fine.
3rd;  Blending them with a blender stick was fine.
4th;  Mashing the puree through a strainer was NOT fine.  OMG!!  
         I found out that I don't have the arm strength for a long period of mashing.  
         Arms started shaking; strength disappeared quickly.  Took forever!
5th;  Add basil and cook down the sauce until it reduces by half.  Another OMG!! 
         Had to drag a chair to the stove and sit there and stir the sauce to keep it from 
         burning on the bottom.  Took several hours and sauce sputtered ALL over the 
6th;  7 jars of sauce later, the actual water bath canning started.
7th;  50 minutes later, I'm done; with the canning and my patience.
         Sauce all over stove, counter, walls, exhaust hood, floor, clothes, canisters, Kindle                   (which I read while stirring).  Cleanup took forever.

Yep!  Going back to other recipe.  Blanching and chopping one day.  Relax.  
Make actual sauce the next day and can it.  My sanity is requiring this.

Too tired to make the healthier dinner I should have.   
Boxed Mac and Cheese is about all I could muster.   

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