Friday, October 3, 2014

"and the child shall lead them"......

The verse above came to my mind when I visited the coop today.  For ages, only Effie, the runt, was using the nesting box for laying.  But, in the last few days, all the chickens are using it.  

I've been finding all of the eggs, except 1 found in the run, in the box for about a week.  I guess they all decided Effie knew best?  

Today, I dropped off their greens and nobody was in the run.  I checked the coop and 2 chickens were mashed into the nesting box and the other 2 were trying to get onto the box's outside perch.  Seemed a little ridiculous to me, but if that's what they want to do, who am I to stop them.  I did go and get the other nest box, a ground box, and put it inside. I hope it alleviates the crush going on in that other box.

Got a bunch of eggs ready for freezing today.  Bags of whole eggs and scrambled will be filled and ready for lower egg production in winter.   The girl's eggs are just about the correct size for each cube to be the equivalent of one egg.   Later, you just let thaw overnight in the refrigerator for baking or scrambled eggs.  Hope they turn out well.

The shells are so thick that it takes 2 bangs on the counter to crack them.  Definitely, my girls are getting enough calcium.  I found it easier to just crack the egg into the measuring cup and pour it into the cube tray.  If I tried to drop them directly into the cube tray, I got some shells in and it's hard to get them out. And, sometimes the yolk would break.  Those went into another measuring cup for the scramble egg tray.  

The girls are not molting yet, and may not.  They won't always in their first year.  I keep waiting to see what happens, but since it's now freezing, I hope no molting starts.  

I may have one more batch of tomatoes for canning in a few days.  Here is my "larder" and it's looking pretty good for the 2 of us for winter.   

For my 1st year of canning, I'm feeling like I did well.   
That big ol' pressure canner doesn't intimidate me anymore.

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