Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Candy comas coming.....

Yesterday, I got out the chocolates and made 4 candy packs for the grandkids.  This seemed a pretty straightforward task.  However, keeping the candy from Steve was daunting.  I think he made many trips to non-essential places around the house just so he could stroll/limp by the dining table and pilfer from the bag.  I just might need to make him his own Halloween package, too.   I saved enough to put all the grandkids into candy comas.   Their folks should LOVE me.

Meanwhile, Steve has finished his "suspension," given by you-know-who, and is now allowed to do stuff around the homestead.   He still has the brace on so he's not allowed to climb items, specifically the ladders.  I've relented on the step-stool because we need to get to painting.  

As you can see, he is still alive, and kicking, and is getting the painting done.  I was in charge of the lower overhangs and whatever else I could reach.  Even on the step-ladder I couldn't reach above the cage so the rafters and inner roof were Steve's job.   The girls followed him, circling the run along with his every movement.   

They LOVE him, but they don't usually show him that....

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