Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halloween is excited!!

Halloween and Christmas are like, the BEST, holidays around here.  Very special.  Made the trip to the garage to start pulling the many containers to sort through and get to decorating.

The driveway signs are out, even though there will be no trick-or-treaters coming to the house.  It's a shame, really.  I still remember, with pride, all those kids who would not come up our driveway when we lived in the valley.  Now, all trick-or-treating happens in the local park for the annual Trunk-or-Treat party.  When our grandson was with us, it was the best place to be.  Hot dogs, hot chocolate and fires everywhere.  Exciting times in the mountains. We stay home now since it's just us.

Furniture needs to be rearranged so fires can be enjoyed from the fireplace.  The house is getting it's orange and black color scheme.  Friends will be coming next week, so HAVE to get their bedroom all witchied up.  I'm seriously thinking that a skeleton needs to go into the garden, along with the Halloween wind vanes.  Fun times to be had by all.

Still freezing extra eggs.  Thought this picture would be interesting.  Compare it to the before freezing pictures of a couple blogs ago.  When frozen, the scrambled eggs really go dark orange.  Hmmmmm.  Why?  

I know.... they know it's Halloween time, too.

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