Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mother Nature.... angry with me?.....

                                 OK, riddle me this....  What is the difference between.....

                                                               this picture..... and.....

                                                                  ... this picture?   

If you said "mean ol' Mother Nature"  you'd be correct.  She strolled through the garden last night and decided that a hard freeze was needed.   

(I hope she wasn't mad because of the zucchini debacle.  Killing it probably not wise?)

Came out this morning and blackness.... everywhere.  Black zucchini.  Black butternut and pumpkin.  Not quite black, but withered green beans.  Tomato plant leaves frozen back.
Peppers looking naked as their leaves dropped. 

Lettuces, broccoli, carrots, green onions and strawberry plants..... strangely not bothered. 

She didn't go into the greenhouse, evidently.  The tomato plants there have doubled, even tripled, in size.  The middle one is putting out flowers, so maybe I'll get tomatoes in winter.
The one in the black pot is the "tripler" in size (made that word up).   It's still very warm in the greenhouse, at least during the day.  I haven't checked it at night to see how warm it is.

Now, if anyone here has the ear of Mother Nature, PLEASE don't remind her of the greenhouse plants.  

Let's let sleeping dogs, lie.......

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