Monday, October 27, 2014

OK, this is just bad...................

Steve had been ordered by the doctor to stay off his foot for 7 days.  
                                                I ordered him to stay off ladders for LIFE!!!
                                                                                       Recently, I found him doing this.......

Ladies, this is why women live longer than some men.  If the fall doesn't kill them, the wife does because they WILL NOT LISTEN!!!!!!

Yes, technically, he's not on a ladder, but he is on his foot, so it's all bad.   The doctor bill was manageable, but I do not have enough retirement money that I can keep throwing it away on doctor bills.   I'm seriously thinking of wrapping him in duct tape and putting him in a corner of that garage he loves so much.

Maybe this was some sort of competition between him, and the guys building the chicken coop cover?   I told him to go out and watch them, with his leg elevated.   

I think he heard "go do something elevated".....

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