Sunday, October 5, 2014

Picked a peck of pickled peppers....

                        OK, not a peck.  A couple.  AND definitely NOT pickled..... yuck......

I'm just really proud of these few peppers, since last year peppers did poorly.  The black plastic mulch seemed to be the prescription for getting pepper plants properly pumped up for their run at propagation.  Whew!!  
A lot of alliteration there, but I think you get the proudness of my pepper pride.  Ha!

Four jalapeƱo peppers + 4 purple sweet peppers in the beds have made it through picking.  
Much more than made it last year, so I'm pumped at my production.
Sorry, more "p's".

The plants are on their way out now as the nighttime temps are very cold.  I'm just happy that next year I may get more production out of my plants.  

The pepper plant in the hanging bag in the greenhouse is now ripening.  It looks like I'll just get 2 there, so I'm thinking the bag in the greenhouse did not do any better than those out in the beds.  Either, I'll grow them in regular pots in the greenhouse, or start several plants earlier in the greenhouse, along with those in the beds, to see which will be my preferred planting plots in the next production years.

Psst.... no more "P's"...........

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