Friday, October 17, 2014

Straw bales are going down....while fighting....

After I pulled most plants from the raised beds, it seemed only right to get the straw bale garden into shape.  Since getting it into shape required me to start removing it, that's what I did.

First thing was getting the bird netting off so I could work.  That was easier said, than done. The green beans had effectively "welded" the bird netting to themselves and the trellis. What a mess.  Thinking I would save the netting for next year I tried to get it off in one piece.  An hour later I just decided to pull it apart and get it off the trellis any way that I could.  I began to think my sanity was a better item to keep, so I'll buy more next spring.

I made a really big mess and the green beans are scattered all around.  But, the netting was free.

Next, getting the stems cut free from the trellis went a little easier, using a huge pair of scissors.  I waded in and whacked them as fast as I could.  Still, that took another hour.  

After all the work, I decided that I'll just use wire next year, none of that fencing as trellis for me.  This work is NOT what I expected when putting the trellis in.  

After that, I snipped the zip-ties holding the fencing to the posts and fell on my fanny as the fencing let loose.  I completely forgot how heavy that section of fence was.  I also forgot that Steve was holding it up as we zip-tied the fence to the posts.   That "over 50 senility" hit again.  Must remember these things.

You can't see it well, but the fence/trellis is laying to the right, as I just let it fall and slide down the berm.  I wasn't going to fight with it anymore.  Just gonna call Steve over and nicely ask him to move it somewhere.

Sooooo not looking forward to doing this to the other straw bale row.  
I'm thinking I'll take Steve to dinner in exchange for him doing it.

Oh.... Steeeeeve!!!!  I've got a proposition for you........

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