Saturday, October 25, 2014

Taj Mahal almost done...

It seems we are not in the mood to do anything, like for a week.  There are 2-3 guys here each day working on the chicken coop cover, and we seem to just sit and stare at them while they work.  

            Well, we talk to them too.  And Ziva bothers them.  At least Steve and I don't.

                                               Our Taj Mahal of chicken coop covers.........

The cover has to get painted before the metal roof goes on, so now that the plywood roof is on, Steve and I had better get to work.  Not all has to be painted, just the inside of the roof and the eaves, but I foresee us scrambling to get it done.

The chickens have taken all this hubbub is stride, even following the guys around to whatever side of the run they are working on.  I wonder if they think this is some new channel on their world view of the garden.   We were told to leave the cross-braces on the structure until the metal roof is on, but Steve had to remove 1 so we could get the eggs and feed the girls.  We'll get it back on before they show up next week.  Shhhhhhh!!

Tonight was Trunk-or-Treat at the park, so we stopped by for dinner (hot dogs, chili and hot chocolate) and to check out the costumes.   I took some pictures and had to add this one of these ladies who had a really spooky trailer.   There sure were a lot of kids getting candy and vying for the costume awards.  I wish we'd had Seth here this year.  He would have loved it.

Heading to bed early..... OK, not so early; seem to have lost track of time.  

And, here I thought my days of getting up early for work were over...........

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