Thursday, October 23, 2014

The walking wounded....

So, here is a picture of Steve on his crutches.   He's so lucky that nothing really bad happened.  It is a good thing he received some pain meds and something to reduce swelling. He's easier to manage with them!

The foot is still painful to walk on, so he's making me walk Ziva and take care of the chickens... waaaait!   I already, EXCLUSIVELY, take care of the chickens.  Sneaky!

Awwww, look at those knees.  I dated him because of his legs.  Now, I just need him to take it easy when climbing ladders.  This is the second time he's fallen from a ladder and broken something; and I'm counting the heel spur as a broken item.    Was he always this klutzy? Not that I remember, but we both may be in the early stages of "over 50 senility" so, who knows?   I foresee days of aimless TV watching in his future.  
Then, I work him to death.

Just as Steve was leaving for the hospital, this contractor arrived, keeping me at home. The girls are getting a new cabana for their coop. The tarps were just an eyesore and the flapping sounds scared the girls.  I also never seemed to get the tarps pulled down and around before a rain, usually because it was during the night.  NOTHING smells worse than a wet chicken run.  The cover will be wind-proof, or as wind-proof as it can possibly be.   Don't want the top taking off like a sail in 60 MPH winds.   He's digging the footings here so cement and re-bar can be an anchor for the structure.

Hoping it's done before more rain hits and definitely before the snows come (assuming we get snow this year, which skipped us last year).   I'm having a foot-and-a-half overhang put on so rain/snow melt drips far from the cage/run edge.  

Also, getting a metal roof so it's fireproof.  
Boy! the things you have to think of when living in the mountains/forest.

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