Monday, October 13, 2014

Valley time......

Made a trip down from the mountain to work on the house in the valley.  Still in the process of getting it fixed up and ready to sell. 

That "process" has been going on an awfully loooooong time.  We fix one thing, and something else breaks.  We finally picked the paint swatches for the outside, but still have some repairs to do before painting.  I'm at the point where I wonder if we should just sell "as is" or spend more on the fixes and sell it for more.  Either way, I just want it GONE!

Every night there we go to one of our favorite restaurants instead of buying food and cooking.  That's part of the fun of heading to the valley.  Yes, the restaurants are fun but we always come back home from the valley a little heavier.  

This trip the valley was so hot.  I forget how hot it is there.  We are in freezing temps now, the valley is still in the 90's.  We seem to have completely forgotten how it was in the valley, after just 3 short years.  Retirement?....senility?.....

Also coming back with 200 mosquito bites.   WHY do they like me so much?  Tried the hot spoon to the bite suggestion.  It may have worked.  I barely noticed that bite, but it could be where it was, on the foot.  Our valley neighbor, Les, gave me trick to try.  Soak in Epsom salts.  If the bites keep me up 1 more night, I'm soaking for a day.  

Well, time to head back up and finish decorating for Halloween.   

Then, visitors arrive and partying begins......

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