Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Visitors 2... Steve 0............

Since Susan was so good helping re-pot strawberries for winter, we had this other job that Steve never seemed to get around to.  Painting the inside of his stalls of the garage.  

We did paint my stalls of the garage when it was built.  That's mainly because he knew I would constantly bring it up if we didn't.  He knows me THAT well.  So, how hard could it be to get his stalls painted?  Apparently, 3 years hard!


These tall stalls of the garage are intimidating, probably the reason they hadn't been painted. Ken and Susan were sooooo great, offering to do this.   Steve was SOOOOO wonderful..... offering to hold Susan's ladder.   OK, Steve, that's a joke.  Yes, the roof here is so tall that tall ladders and long poles were needed, and some manly steadying of said ladders.   

Me, ever the engineer's daughter, walked into this maelstrom of busy, and remarked, after seeing Susan descend the ladder and re-load paint onto roller........
"Steve, wouldn't it be easier if she handed the roller to you so you could load it and she didn't need to keep going down, and up, the ladder?"  I think it was a "duh!" moment for both of them.  

My good deed done, I went to the garden and left them to it.

It was sad seeing them off the next day.  I love visitors, especially these ones.  They are super wonderful to us.

Now, after they left, Steve headed up a ladder to do some caulking before he finished the job. He promptly fell from top of high ladder and hit a step on way down, bending it and possibly breaking arch of foot.  After that, he landed on cement floor and damaged shoulder and hip. Emergency trip to the hospital ensued.  

After many hours wait in emergency room, X-rays, exam, prescriptions, inflatable cast, crutches... he's finally home with a bone spur, bruised arch and twisted ankle; not allowed to do anything for many days.

How's that for creative way to get out of painting?

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