Sunday, October 19, 2014

Visitors... and work; somehow, they go together......

Our visitors have made it hard for me to sit around and do nothing.  Aren't visitors just like that??!!  Here, I had perfected that ART of sloth, but I can't practice it this weekend.

Ken and Susan come up all ready to work.  I think they are nuts, but that is not Steve's opinion.  Steve LOVES that they like to get out of the valley and work around the homestead (see them weed-eating in a previous blog).  If the weather is nice, he salivates while planning chores for them to do.  This could be the reason few others come to visit.   So, of course, I have to work too, as it wouldn't be right for me to watch TV while everyone else is doing something.  Hence, my sad predicament.

Steve did remove the fencing trellis on the other straw bales and pulled the green bean monsters from them.  Must get him out to a dinner, soon. Anyway, this gave me the first job for our intrepid visitors. 

Susan and I headed to the garden to try and save my strawberry plants from freezing.   Not having had any luck with strawberry plants last year, I had no idea how to save them for next year.  A quick look on the internet, I found the method most suggested.  

Got some pots ready with dirt.  We pulled the plants from the straw bales and potted them. They will go into the garage through the winter; covered and cold.  Supposedly, next year I'll get more strawberries than this year.  Can't wait for find out if it works.

The straw bales garden is now down to just the 4 broccoli plants.  I'm not taking those bales out until they succumb to winter.  The chickens still love eating the leaves so they have their compost reprieve.  We'll move the empty bales another time.

Next blog, I'll get pics on of the 2nd job our intrepid visitors VOLUNTEERED to do.  

After that, I'll be paying for a full mental workup for both of them.  
Seriously, they have to have SOMETHING wrong "up there"................

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