Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Chickens are getting fancy for the holidays......

The chicken coop is getting gussied-up for the festive seasons.  Steve wired solar multi-colored lights to the coop cover and I hung large ornaments.  I'm hoping this doesn't scare the girls, but they need to get into the holiday spirit, too.  

The girls also received an early Christmas present.....

They now are the proud owners of a heated water fount.   Since there is no electricity in the garden, we've laid out extensions cords across the property.  Not a stylish look at all, but until we decide where we want the lines put, it's the next best thing.  I'm hoping that it also raises the temperature in the coop at night.   Eight degrees is unbelievable, but believe me, it's happening. 

I'm listening for partying out there tonight.  Colored lights and heat... partay!

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