Tuesday, November 18, 2014

First snow, of many?..........

I suppose that there can't be many nights of temps in the teens without finally getting....

                                                            Taa daa!!  Snow...    

Sure, it was very little, but it was SNOW!!!!  This is much more than we received last winter so maybe it bodes well for this year?   

Remember last year, the year of a couple of pellets of Styrofoam at Thanksgiving?   I've been watching the El NiƱo forecasts for this year and praying it's a wet one.  Our youngest son has already asked us for snow this Thanksgiving, so maybe we'll be able to accommodate him. 

Today's feast for the coop was pasta (bowtie), chicken, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and a biscuit.  All of this wonderful meal was provided by our vacation (leftovers frozen and brought home).   I know I sound cheap, but I don't throw away much since I started chicken keeping and a compost pile.   I even brought back all of our coffee grounds for the compost.     WOW!!, as I read that I'm thinking I REALLY sound weird.

So, I took the feed to the girls and found they'd survived the 8 degrees last night.  Whew!!! Their water was slightly frozen in the coop, so I wonder how cold it got in there.  Freezing, but hopefully not much more, considering the little amount of ice.  

The cold has got me re-thinking running power out to the garden.   
We may need a heater in the coop, SOON!!

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