Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Greenhouse and tomatoes..... mesh well

Regulating the temperatures in the greenhouse between freezing in the night and 100 degrees inside during the days, has me pulling a few strands out.  Even though the days can be nice, between 64-70 degrees, it can still boil the poor plants in the greenhouse.  I'm still not that good about getting outside and checking what the temp is inside, so a few times the tomatoes look withered.

The tomatoes are doing well, despite my ineptitude.   They perk up when I get them water, so I guess they are some hardy varieties.   It's probably a good thing that homesteading isn't my profession.   I'm turning out to be a lazy farmer, and cold temps keep me housebound.   NOT a stellar example for others?

And, in spite of my terrible reliability, the biggest tomato plant has put out (she of the black pot).   I do shake them every time I see new flowers and that seems to be enough to get some fruit.  

Now, I hope I can coddle them to maturity (still something I'm trying with my boys).

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