Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Have a few family members up for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Ziva has been so excited. She loves when she has others to play with.  We, evidently, are BORING OLD people.  
She was sticking like glue to the 2 young men who arrived.

There was the obligatory trip to visit the chickens and ooooh and ahhhh at their new digs. Yes, actually, we DEMAND that all visitors pay their respects to the girls.  It's just our "thing".   The girls also participated in the turkey dinner.  They had gizzard, liver and heart of turkey, along with hard-boiled eggs, peppers and seeds.  I think they'll like being a part of our traditions for many years.

Back inside there was the smorgasbord for family.  They are all now in turkey comas so it's unusually quiet around the house.  Actually, I'm finding it very hard to even concentrate on the blog. 

Heading to the couch for a nap....

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