Sunday, November 2, 2014

Heavy metal..... roof....

The wind is whipping around today and putting the new chicken coop cover to the test. It's doing well and isn't moving in the wind.   I think we have a winner.

The cover has received it's metal roof, so we can breathe easier during the next fire season in our mountains.   Going to get paint on it this week and then we have to weather-proof the windows for winter.  The girls seem to be doing fine, so the cold mornings don't seem to be a problem, but I can't stand the thought of them cold.  

We hit the Wild Women Saloon in Bison Ranch for hamburgers and just to celebrate the coop cover roof.   They have the best burgers in the area.

Looking down the row of businesses and the hotel rooms, there was an orange-light district from the Halloween celebration.   Festive.  
Can't wait to see what they do for Christmas this year.

We staggered home, full of burgers, avocado, bacon and so many fries that I don't want to see any more for a month.   The girls got some leftovers, to join the celebration, too.

Expecting rain tonight so we might be delayed in painting.   
Hope it comes with THUNDER!

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