Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Homestead animals....

I found out my place in Ziva's heart today.  Well, not today.  I've known for quite a while how/where I rank in her mind.  I'm good for food and scratches, but Steve is her LOVE!!  

Sure, she pretends to like me when he's around, but if he leaves for any reason, she completely looses it and nothing I do can calm her down.  She whines and cries and runs from doors to windows looking for him.  Meanwhile, I'm talking to her and she acts like I'm not even there.  Good thing my sense of self is high.

Today, we all went for a drive to pick up things around town.  I don't usually go as Steve and Ziva can handle things.  But, I was bored.  So, we piled into the truck and took off. Now, this is Steve's pickup truck, with one bench seat.  I'm surprised Ziva let me sit next to her.   She looked at me, then ignored me.  

Steve ran into the stores and post office while I watched her.  This picture shows EXACTLY what she thought of that arrangement.  She whined and stared at the door to wherever we were.   WAITING for him to appear.  Meanwhile, I'm talking to her and offering a scratching.  IGNORED!!  I now know my place in the scheme of things.

When we returned to the homestead I headed out to see the ones who DO like me.  At least, I think they do.  They do act all excited to see me when I go out each day.  

The freezing nights do not seem to bother them.  I'm not closing the pop door yet, as they want to wander out of the coop in the mornings WAY before I want to wander outside.  I'm sure there is a 4 hour difference in what times we think are appropriate to be up in the mornings.  

I am modifying the coop to help them stay warmer.  I asked Steve to put a board across the run opening to their coop.  I had added more straw to the coop, but they go wild scratching through it for seeds and such and it all goes into the run.  I'm hoping the board keeps the straw inside, at least for a while.  

None of them has figured out the nest box on the ground.  Here I thought of it as much better than laying eggs on the ground, but, nope, nada.   They all try to get into the 1 nest box.  One of them has left another egg in the run recently.  I thought a warm, pine-shavings-lined nest box would be greatly appreciated.  HA!  Even putting, and leaving, an egg in it had no effect. So, it's being pulled out.  Maybe I'll try it when 2 new girls come next spring.

Still, they like me.  In some ways, that is enough to keep me from being jealous of Steve and his Ziva.

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