Sunday, November 16, 2014

Life's downfalls.....

There are several things that can, and do, contribute to downfalls during life.  One BIG such thing for me, is eggnog, which has now arrived in the stores.  Yup!  
BIG downfall is a'comin'.

I'm going to name the eggnog here, because I am a connoisseur of eggnogs and Darigold is one of the best tasting recipes that can be bought.   Making eggnog is a big extravagance and though I have made it a few times, I'd rather just buy a good brand and "doctor" it up a bit.  Doctoring it can be a struggle in itself.  How much?  What liquor?  Should I make up a recipe, or follow one?

I followed Martha Stewart's eggnog recipe ONCE!  Barely survived.  She puts soooo much liquor in, and several types.   Just the fumes took out several of the people we'd invited to our New Year's Eve party that year.   I learned a lesson, then.  Don't use Martha's recipe. Expensive and too strong.

OK, where was I?   I must put down this glass of eggnog and concentrate.

Oh, yes.  Remember that "winter weight" I talked about in a previous post?  The eggnog has already added padding, and it's not even Christmas.  I see myself sobbing over this fact in the next few weeks.

Another downfall that has arrived is Nutty Coconut ice cream from Baskin Robbins.   Here, I must say that I thank God that it's not available year-round.   I'd be a blimp just from it.  The only blessing here is that there are no Baskin Robbins' around me on my mountain.   I can only get their ice creams in the valley, or visiting Sedona. 

Ok, now you all know where we are!

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