Saturday, November 29, 2014

Snoozin' and eatin' finally over... I hope!

We find ourselves wanting to sleep ALL day long now that we've eaten turkey and fixins for a couple of days.  The crowds have left and we are down to just one visitor; our son.  He, and Steve, are outside working on our son's army Blazer. 

Yes! there is a certain "sickness" in the guys in this family.  They LOVE army vehicles.  If they aren't buying them, they are searching for the next one to buy on Ebay motors.   Steve salivates over any new ones to show up on the web site.  He searches for old ones that he saw, and loved.  If they are gone, he's almost inconsolable.  I think I'm very lucky that there is really no room for more on the homestead, especially in the garage.  I hope that he doesn't win any lotteries.  Heaven help me!

Last night I made the last nightly visit to the chicken coop and enjoyed their festive lighting.  I thought these outdoor solar Xmas lights would be so great.  They are for about 1 hour.   They are charging daily, so I'm thinking these are just not up to par.   When we get the electricity put out there, I'm hoping to go all out on lights.  

(Pssst!  Don't tell Steve.  He's a Scrooge about Christmas decor, but he seems to like it when I put it up.  I just don't think he'll understand decorating the chicken coop.  But, wouldn't some form of a Christmas tree be GREAT in the run?  Maybe made of perches, or something in tree form?   Oooh, I feel a tingle of decorating excitement coming on....)

Today, the girls had a post-Thanksgiving concoction of stuff to enjoy.  Cranberries, sunflower seeds, turkey, oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs and leaf lettuces.   I also sprinkled sunflower and safflower kernels around for them to dig at.   They are over their visitor's admiration, like it never happened.

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