Monday, November 10, 2014

Taj Mahal almost completely done....

Ok, Taj Mahal is probably NOT the best name for me to use for our chicken coop cover. After all, it was a tomb and I'm hoping that the girls live for many years.  But, it is an "over-the-top" miracle of construction and we are proud to be the caretakers for it...... and them.

The builders were the same company that constructed our garage (another misuse of the Taj Mahal moniker) and the builders we will likely always prefer.  Recommendations available.

I haven't removed the masking tape from some areas of the structure, but you get the idea we had for the paint scheme.  Basically, the opposite colors of the shed, and the garage.   The cold weather has made us move the touch-ups to a warmer day.  But, for now, it is looking good.  

Now that the straight roof has been put on, we see where the heavy metal cage sank into the mud of several rains.  Straightening it is now another job to add to the many jobs still to be started.  

Throwing this picture out there, because I can.  Dinner tonight was green chili chicken enchiladas.  It was cold while working, so needed something warm before bed.  

Into the fur sheets and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......................

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