Saturday, November 8, 2014

The lowly apple turnover.... Mmmmmmm....

I'm trying to make some room in my refrigerators for all the fixing for Thanksgiving.   Several visitors will be coming so I must get some space for turkeys and the accouterments. In the refrigerator used least, I came upon some pie pastry.  Probably bought for me to make Steve a pie, but it got pushed back into the depths and missed.  
So, apple turnovers are a'coming.

Backstory:  I make little apple turnovers with canned pie filling and pre-made pie crusts.  I am a believer in the Sandra Lee method of cooking.  Make it look like you spent hours, but secretly use pre-made items.  Of course, if I ever can get an apple tree to grow up here, I will certainly try to make my own pie filling.  Until then, Sandra and I will do our best, using sleight of hand and ingenuity, to provide a lovely dessert, with minimum fuss. 

Anyway, this pie crust had seen it's better days, and was NOT cooperating. It wouldn't stick together and it kept breaking. BIG gaping holes resulted all over the tops of my turnovers.  

I got them semi-together and topped with sugar and cinnamon.   I said a prayer while loading them into the oven.

Now, they may not have looked perfect at presentation, but they tasted GREAT!  After dinner and after warning Steve about their looks, I served dessert.

Steve was giving me this LOOK as I indulged in my apple turnover with cherry vanilla ice cream.  He, of course, is a traditionalist and had vanilla with his turnover.  But, he doesn’t know I've secretly seen him eating other flavors of ice cream with his pies/turnovers.  

This knowledge I am keeping from him until that day when he drives me crazy and I finally explode with the damning info.  He, according to his Type B personality, will let it roll off his back with no further thought, and me… a BIG Type A, will gnash my teeth that the info was wasted.

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