Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cold, rainy and.... hoping for snow....

So, thinking of the girls, I decided to give them a hot lunch.  We'd eaten dinner out and I had leftover chicken.  Two types!  How exciting for them.

Steve is the oatmeal eater in this family.  I've never warmed to it.   Each morning he asks if he needs to make a couple extra serving for the girls.  I accepted today.   Spent some time pulling the chicken from the bones and breading (threw away the onion ring, neither animal can have it).   Jazzed the oatmeal up with chicken, milk, diced hard-boiled eggs, seeds and topped it off with leaf greens.   Braved my way into the run, having to dodge chickens coming all kamikaze at me.   I think they like me (when I have food with me). 

Came in and found myself watching Christmas movies.  LOVE Christmas movies.  LOVE Christmas!   Found the jar of Jelly Belly's and got hooked on them, again.....

Don't they look good?   Took their pic next to an old, jeweled, ceramic tree my mom made.  

Here comes a story.... at Thanksgiving, my sister and I started on this jar.  NOT a good thing.  Two women eating sugar.  I think you can just see us.  Anyway, there we are laughing, and acting nuts, when I bite into the worst tasting bean.  I mean, so bad that swallowing it is out of the question.  I spit it out.... she spits one out.   I watched her gag before asking what it looked like.   

We finally figured out it was a yellowish-green bean, with dark green spots.   It's so awful that we researched what it could be by checking the pictures on the label.  Honestly, all the green ones sounded good tasting.   Maybe it's just our family that reacts like this to the flavor; it's not like "ghastly" is an available flavor.   So, I foresee an jar empty at some point, except for those beans.

(shame the girls can't have sugar, might've had a dessert for them)...  


  1. Hey, what a shock to see the tree that Mom made, because I have the tree she made sitting on my counter! Mine has all of the gems pushed out, she said she took them off because some were missing, but they all got lost somewhere, so I use those little plastic pegs. Guess she must have made another one for her grandparents maybe? LL

  2. The one I have is missing many gems, too. Wouldn't even know where to look for them. It only has 2 candles still on it; would like to find some of those, too.

  3. I don't remember seeing any candles on it. Were they just small ceramic ones on the branches? LL

  4. Mom made that? I never knew that. And those horrible Jelly Bellys are straight out of Harry Potter! Ha ha

  5. AZ Rockz...I KNOW!!! Remember the vomit flavored ones Dumbledore mentioned in the movie? Those green ones weren't vomit, but they were terrible.

    Anonymous, yeah, thought I had 2 but only see 1 now.