Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year's Eve.....

Snow was on all the news channels today, so we were believing that this time we may get the promised inches.  Before we were snowed-in (hint), Steve got a call into the propane guys for a much-delayed delivery.  He still procrastinates in this one area, but when the reserves are at 10% he gets moving.

Ziva was excited as she just LOVES her delivery man.  Well, actually, she loves ANY delivery man. She'll have to savor this delivery, as we won't be needing him for another 8 months. 

He left, just as.....

promises were being kept.   It's an exciting day when the snow starts.   Ziva was out doing pirouettes in the flurries.  Should have gotten a picture of that.

Made a ham and cheese platter for mini sandwich buns.  Started the crock pot full of queso dip for dipping with tortilla chips.   Started a log on the fire (well, Steve did) and we are getting ready to settle in for a long, snowy night and watching the specials until the ball drops in Times Square.

    Happy New Year's to everyone.  May 2015 be a healthy and blessed one.

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