Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Heart attack for a second.....

For a few minutes today I thought of giving my nails the traditional Christmas polishing.  Then, I looked at them.   YIKES!!!  Yes folks, a year of the garden and the chickens has ruined my hands.  I thought I'd seen some fingernails recently, but I must've been mistaken; the hangnails are terrible.  I'd post a picture, but I really hate to document this disaster...

So, it looks like my nail-decorating tradition has fallen by the wayside.  SAD!!
Another one of those things that I've had to let go of after moving to the homestead.

As I looked sadly at my hands, I realized I didn't even have my wedding ring on.  My heart stopped for just the smallest fraction of a second.  Then, the "lightbulb" went off and I remembered I haven't been wearing it much.   The diamond sits just high enough to get caught in the garden netting when the garden is producing, and I catch it in the rabbit fencing around the chicken coop, too.  

So, as I sat and pondered this new life, Ziva goes walking by, nails clicking.
First thought was, she needs a pedicure.  

Next was, I wonder how her nails would look decorated for Christmas?

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