Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Home again, home again...jiggity jig....

We arrived safely home yesterday and are trying to get back into the swing of things around the homestead.   The doctor visits went well and we can be expected to live long... and prosper.  

I still think it's too hot in the valley, though.  We're used to 37 degrees and almost had heat strokes at 70 degrees.  Ha!   Heading back up to our mountain was a giddy experience.

                                                                We hit the Rim. 

(Arizona lesson here.... the Mogollon Rim slashes through Arizona at an angle, encompassing much of the White Mountain range in the state.  Pronounced Mō-gee-yon).

There was some accumulation of snow still in the Forest Lakes area, so I took this picture. Not what I was hoping for, but much easier to travel in.  No snow on our homestead. DARN!  We unpacked and waited to see what tomorrow would look like.

This morning was cold and foggy.  Later, we're told, we may get some real snow.  So, far, light "ash" snow is falling intermittently.   It melts on contact with the ground.   Hoping for more...

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