Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More Christmas...sorry....

Finding time to get more pictures of the Christmas trees onto the blog.  Since I'm downsizing from the gargantuan tree to 3 smaller trees, I had to decide how to reuse the many ornaments.  

This is the tree in one guest room.  I did it in chartreuse and maroon ball ornaments with all of our travel pressed-glass ornaments.    There seem to be an awful lot of cruise and basic ships on this tree.  Many Mexico and Hawaiian themed ornaments, too.   The silver deer used to stand by the big tree, so they moved into this room.  

In the other guest room I went kid-friendly with all of the kids, and grandkid's, ornaments. I went with a red and silver theme, here.  Many princess and ballerina ornaments for the twin grand girls.  All of the Disney princesses, plus Winnie the Pooh, Mother Goose and the Nutcracker Suite ornaments.  There's a slew of fairy wands sticking out of the tree, too.

The grandson's have their baby ornaments and trains and cars.   There are even ornaments for the favorite foods of the kids.  Aaron's slice of pizza still gets a lot of attention.   Camping tents and outdoor fire pit ornaments also add to this tree.

The girl and her dog is the cutest painted wood art I found at an boutique art sale.  She was by the large tree when the deer weren't used.  

I have already put the family room tree onto the blog, but I'm doing it again to explain what went onto it.  I went with a fuchsia and silver theme.   I put the ornaments for each person in the family here.  Our wedding, my parent's ornaments and Steve's parent's ornaments are here.  Our pets and our religious ornaments are also here.  I have a whole section of the animals and birds up here in our mountains, too, but only ones I've actually seen.  

The gargantuan tree was mainly fuchsia and silver balls with pressed-glass ornaments.   I was very surprised how many ornaments I had for that tree, but I should have known. After all, it was a week process to get it decorated.  I'm so glad to have had that tree for YEARS, but it'll be nice to now move to the pared-down trees.   

Those items I didn't keep went into the garage for dispersal.   Thanksgiving visitors hit the boxes with a fervor.   Still, I'll need Christmas visitors to continue the culling.  

Feeling lighter already..... OK, not really.   The eggnog has defeated me!


  1. I love those deer, so pretty. LL

  2. And the trees are fantastic! LL

  3. I loved sleeping with all the lights off except the tree. :) Was very snuggly.