Friday, December 5, 2014

Pondering a bit too much....

Today, as I sat out with the chickens, I asked myself.....

"Self, what in the world will you find to talk about in the deep, dark, winter?"   Yes, I know I'll be coming out to visit the girls and drop them off offerings to eat.  Talking about that every 2 days, however, can become boring, quickly.  

Will I have to dress Steve and Ziva up and run around trying to photograph them for the blog?

Will I have to dress the "girls" up and try to photograph them for the blog?

Will "I" (shudder) have to dress myself up and try to photograph "me" for the blog?

Self told me to knock it off.   I guess I'll just have to hope that interesting things, or unusual things, happen up here in our mountains this winter.   Can't really talk about snow yet, as no snow has fallen since that early bit we received.   Oh, well!

As an aside, the chickens seem to be OK in the cold.  The heated fount is doing well and I think its also warming the coop at night.   The girls are down from 4 eggs a day, to 2-3.   I wonder how long that will last?  

I sat too long pondering stupid stuff, though.   It was mighty cold to just be sitting.   The weather gals are predicting rain for the next few days, so I may not just sit and ponder much more.

Ponder that!

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