Monday, December 29, 2014

Settling in after the Christmas holiday...

Well, we are back, and rested, though the holidays really did take a toll on us.  
Heavens!  All the parties...friends...drinking...late nights.... NAH!!  We are mostly hermits up here. 

Still, New Year's Eve hasn't arrived, so I'm not sure if we'll survive that.  Looks like we'll have some company for that holiday, so who knows.

The cold weather has accelerated the feather loss going on in the coop.  I was pretty sure it was Effie, but now I'm not really sure who is molting.  The girl losing the feathers seems to be bigger than I remember Effie being; she was the runt but, this girl is now the second biggest.  Still, I'm not liking molting going on when it's 8 degrees at night.  Is this normal?  Is she just a late bloomer? 

While out checking the girls, I found I'm practicing a new winter sport that I hadn't signed up for.  Ramp skating!   Honestly, there was so much ice on the shed ramp that I had to try to skate up to the door.  Then, I slid back down, all while trying to not break a leg.  I'll have to see if Steve feels like adding some strips to the ramp so I can enter it gracefully.

Starting to get the supplies together to try and force sprouts for the girls.  My friend, Pinterest, has many ideas for sprouting in the house.  Until electricity is in the greenhouse, this seems to be the better idea.  We'll see how it goes.

Settling in for a Harry Potter marathon, again.  No energy for the cold today.

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