Friday, December 19, 2014

Snow? Fool me once, shame on you....

Seems that snow clouds are forming overhead; they have fooled us many times, though.   I'll believe the 8-12 inches predicted, when it happens....

Don't they look dark and foreboding?   It really looks like snow should be coming soon.  However, we now know that you can't count on snow just because you want it.  After the foggy mornings and ashy flakes, I thought we might get some inches on the ground.  Nope!

Just in case something comes, I gave the girls some heavier protein and seeds in their oatmeal to keep them warm, if temps drop.  That's Bebe on the block. She is the only one really standoffish to me.  She'll follow me around and talk to me, but she won't let me touch her.  The other 3 (Cici, Didi and Effie) will come up and beg to be picked up.  Maybe some day Bebe will be friendlier to me?

Noticed that Effie is missing some feathers under her neck/chin.  I hope nobody is doing that to her.  I hope SHE'S not doing that to herself.  As a novice chicken-herder I'm not exactly sure what to do about this.  Keeping my eyes peeled may have to be the prescription.  

Then what?

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