Sunday, December 21, 2014

Snow, part deux? Fool me twice, shame on me....

OK, it's colder outside and flakes fall every-once-in-awhile.  But, come on!!                                             SNOW!!!   SNOW!!!   SNOW!!!

Well, Ziva believes it is too cold to venture outside.  Here is how she spends most of her time.   Yes, that monster I spoke of, is here.  We drag her bed into the bedroom at night and drag it to the family room in the morning.   She must have her cocoon with her AT ALL TIMES!!!  

We decided to get her another one so wherever she sleeps, she's got her bed.   We both got tired of the dragging scenario.  I do have to say that the bed certainly looks cozy.  She's sunk so far into the plushness that she looks deceptively small.  

Made turkey pesto pasta for dinner.  I needed something warming and comforting for dinner.  When it even looks cold outside, I really feel cold.  
So, wine, garlic bread and pasta are it!   Settled into a comfy couch, covered my legs with a fleece blanky and put on a good movie.

Heaven in the mountains.....

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