Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The thaw before the freeze?

My sister was one of the visitors we had for Thanksgiving.  She picked a good time for her visit, too.  We've been having very balmy weather and our highs were in the 70's.  That is not what I want this year.  I want cold and snowy weather.

But, because of the nice weather, the carrots that froze into my raised bed were actually able to be plucked from the bed.   NOT something I was particularly wanting to work on. Imagine my surprise when my sister found the need to dig most of them up.

She pulled some mighty big ones out, too.  Most of these are Red Core carrots, but there are a few Little Finger carrots, too.   I have to say they are a tad big, leading me to plead "lazy" to my gleaning of them when I should have.   Now, those that are "squishy" will be cut up for the girls.  Those that still have some "backbone" will go into some stews.   

Next, I'm thinking I'll have to hire my sister as a harvester, as her ability to wrangle the carrots from mostly-frozen ground shows some tenacity.

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