Saturday, December 27, 2014

Valley and back, lickitysplit...

We had a wonderful holiday and a quick trip, to boot.   We did a turn-a-round trip so we didn't have to have chicken-sitters.   Down to the valley on Christmas Eve and back on Christmas day.   Got to see all the valley relatives and even some from other states.

We all filled my mom's living room and got to talking and opening gifts.   Great times were had by all.

Our valley house had been decorated by our youngest and looked festive enough to keep the neighborhood "hard-core" decorators happy.  This was a surprise, as I don't believe he's decorated it since we left.

The weather was nice, at least to us.  I did hear locals there saying it was too cold for them.   It's amazing how our perspective on that has changed with our change in altitude.

We thought the trip home would be non-eventful, but the weather above the Mogollon Rim had really changed in one night.   Snow and ice had been there recently and made the 1 hour trip, from the Rim to home, into a 2 hour trip. Mostly because someone ahead of us in the miles-long backup, thought 5 miles-per-hour was the appropriate speed for such conditions.  Still, it was kind of exciting to see the snow had finally come back.

We are all tucked into our warm house now and reminiscing on the great fun.

(remind me I said reminiscing when I complain about snow later this winter)

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