Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ziva's love affair.....

Had a delivery today; something ordered for the garden.   Ziva had her biscuit and lovin' from the UPS driver.  She probably holds him second in her heart, after Steve.  I think I've been demoted.   

In this way, I'm even more thankful to be up here in the mountains.   After all the package thefts on the news from the valley, knowing our packages get delivered to our door, with a driver, gate, fence and Ziva between anyone wanting to take those packages....my heart does a Christmas dance.

After all the excitement, I got back to my primary job today.   Making Thanksgiving freezer dinners out of the last of the HUGE Thanksgiving turkey remnants I froze.  Ziva sat next to me through the whole process (minus time for the delivery man) hoping I would drop some bit of food for her.   For a dog that doesn't get table scraps, she sure acted like this was something she's come to expect.

I do have to say that my kitchen floor is always pretty clean.   I notice she licks it daily... just in case...

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