Sunday, January 18, 2015

Goofing off today...

Well, goofing off probably isn't the correct term for today, but it is PART of our day.   SOB!! Christmas trees and decor had to come down today.   

My family knows my proclivity for Christmas and my NEED to keep the trees up until February (blog readers will have heard, too).   Won't everyone be surprised that I didn't feel the need this year?!

It seemed like such a different Christmas this year.  Most of the family was here for Thanksgiving and only 1 made it up again at New Year's.  So, Christmas
just wasn't the same.  Maybe this was the impetus to change my traditions? 

Anyway, we were working to get everything packed away when Steve modeled one of his presents for the camera...

Now, wasn't that a thoughtful gift for the hair impaired?   It's from a couple of the niece's who were sooooooo sweet. (irony here) 

He did get some other gifts, mostly that seemed wine related.   Our sister-in-law found a great wine from Temecula Valley in California bottled by the Wiens Family Cellars.  He loved it.  It was Cabernet Sauvignon so I wasn't even tempted to steal some.  Ha! (I think it's like drinking warm blood)

My find for him was above.   When I saw it I KNEW it was made for him.   

So, most everything is packed away, now, and the gifts still under the tree have been put away.  If this next year is like all of the other years, I'll find forgotten Christmas decor throughout the year, usually in strange places.  

I swear I do a walk-through before closing up all the storage containers, but stuff gets away from me.....

or, could Steve be "gaslighting" me?......

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