Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lovin' this snow...

It's been really cold here even though no new snow has fallen.   The world is still a white, winter wonderland.  

I'm not going to the chicken coop until afternoons, now.   I'm actually waiting until the sun hits the garden area and is not blocked by the pine trees.   I am struggling in this picture because my boots were in the garden shed and I had to use Steve's.   They are so big that I trip a lot.   The snow isn't helping either. Still, I love that we received snow this year.

Steve had gone along the roof line and chopped snow from the coop roof.  I don't know why.  He must think it's for some good reason.  I just think he was having fun.   

The girls seemed to be doing OK in the cold.  Effie is getting her head feathers back in and isn't looking so naked.   I've upped the protein in their food to help her, but I see that the food isn't going down very quickly.

I had to cut out their daily treats as they seemed to be waiting for that and weren't eating their crumbles.   A week has gone by and they still don't seem to be eating much.   Having never had chickens before, I'm at a loss.  I would think that they would eat more to keep up their body heat.

I know Ziva has.  

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