Friday, January 23, 2015

Now, the micro-greens start...

I'm a firm believer in keeping packaging from one thing, and using it for other uses around my homestead.   When I started getting items ready for growing micro-greens, first reuse was leaf lettuce boxes.

Since micro-greens need to grow in soil and need some humidity, this seems a "no-brainer."   Added damp growing mix and got the little suckers growing. Since 1 bedroom window is used for sprouting in sunny conditions, the other is being used as my dark grow room.  Here, I have sprouts starting in their jars before they move to the sunny window.  The plastic lettuce boxes (ok, also a cupcake box and a donuts box) are now growing the greens.  I'm trying broccoli, beets, sun flowers and wheat grass.  Being near a heat source should make them grow faster.

Once the sprouts get a stem, the boxes are moved into the sunny bedroom window.   They are on an over-turned storage container to get them into the sun.  I just keep the humidity up and let nature take over.  I'm hoping these turn out like I've read they will.   

If anyone has tried this, or knows of a better way to get this going, please let me know.  ANY good ideas will be GREATLY appreciated.

I can't wait to see how the chickens react to them.  The sprouts were a hit, but the micro-greens are touted as higher in vitamins.

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