Friday, January 2, 2015


So excited to have the snowy homestead we have now.   It was supposedly coming from the west, but it swirled in from the east.   The winds were creating mini tornadoes of flakes.... beautiful!

The winds did get some snow into the chicken run.  I think the girls liked it.... it looks like they might've been dancing in it.  All in all, the new roof did its job well.  Eight inches of snow on top and very little in the run.

All this snow meant the obligatory trip to clear the dish when TV programming came to a halt.  Steve did an efficient job; Ziva did the "snow dance" she's excited to do.  

Yes, we are having a hard time keeping Ziva indoors.  We get her in and dried off: she whines to go back out.  Let her out and she's back to be warmed-up. If I could stand the cold and leave the door open, I would.  

After hours of the in-and-out, she collapses in front of the fire.

What a life..........

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