Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Snow's returned... hurrah...

I'm just lovin' all this snow.  Global warming hasn't hit us here, unless it's global warming that has sent the snow to us this year.  But, that's a debate for another time.

However we received it, we RECEIVED it.   I've been taking pictures since yesterday when it started. My fear is it'll skip 2015's winter like 2013.  

Of course I headed outside today to see what we received...about 3.5 inches.   Took the obligatory "boots in snow" shot, but this time in MY boots.  Steve brought them in as he was tired of me taking his.  I have to say they did stay on tightly and I was able to walk without tripping. is SO much more slimming on my feet.  Ha!

Being a desert dweller for most of my life, I wasn't "up" on snow.   Took a huge amount down my jacket to figure out that walking under trees isn't good when their branches are letting-loose with it.   After almost being knocked down with a large amount, I carefully steered my way to the "girls."

I found Steve dutifully clearing their roof of snow.  Again, I don't know why. He probably doesn't either, but it seems to be an OCD type of thing with him.

He cleared everything.  By the time he got to the garage, he'd even sloughed
off his jacket.  Ziva did a lot of supervising.  Well, some, and then she was off after invisible prey only she could see.  

Blue sky was finally showing after days of clouds.  Watched 2 weather channels today... we are either getting more tomorrow, or we are getting none.

Such accuracy is overwhelming...

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