Friday, January 16, 2015

Sprouts are a HIT.....

Decided to get some of these sprouts out of their jars before the cheesecloth erupts or the greens are strangling in the cloth.  

Getting these barley sprouts out of the wide-mouth jars was very easy, but I do see a problem with the regular-mouth quart jars if they are left to get this full (not filling quarts with many seeds though, because I see lots of seeds that didn't sprout in the crowded conditions).  I decided that I'd cut the mass in half and get 2 days of treats for the girls.  

After adding a few slices of bread and an older corn tortilla to the bowl, Ziva and I headed out to see what the girls thought of their treats.   Suffice it to say, the bread/tortilla was ignored by all but 1 girl, and the sprouts were flying around the run.   Had to break up a couple squabbles, too.   

Ziva was whining and tried to get into the run, so I think she wanted some treats, too.  I'm not wasting sprouts on her, so we headed in for her doggy treat.

Looks like the sprouts will be a winter ritual for many years...

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