Monday, January 12, 2015

Sprouts or micro-greens?....

Decided to finally start the sprouting of seeds 7 days ago.  Didn't say anything until I actually saw what was going to happen.   Been all over the internet, especially Pinterest, to see what others have done.  I decided to try sprouting the seeds first.  Seemed the easiest and want to see how the girls react to them.

Definition of what I'm doing...going to do...

Sprouting...soaking seeds in water until they develop roots and some greens.

Micro-greens...growing seeds in soil until they develop their second set of leaves.

I had all of the items needed to start sprouting the seeds.  Plenty of canning jars and lids from all the canning I did.  I found the seeds online.  I am trying broccoli, malted barley and wheat grass seeds.   This picture shows the 1st seeds to try and sprout, which are broccoli.  I just...

Place seeds in jar and cover with water.
Place in dark area over night (used my pantry).
Replace lid with screening (I used cheesecloth) and drain.
Put in window and rinse twice daily.

Now, I only had a choice of 2 south-facing windows to do this in.  All the others are blocked by furniture.  Lined the windowsill with foil so no water destroys the windowsill during my initial foray into the wide world of sprouting.

Each day I started another jar of seeds.  The 2nd day was barley, the 3rd, wheat grass.  

Here they are after day 7.  They are showing from left to right; newest to oldest.   The barley and wheat grass are showing the most greens.  There are a few greens in the 1st broccoli jar.  The grain seeds seem to be winning by a mile.   I'm hoping the broccoli do well as that was one of the girls favorite greens during the summer.  

The "recipe" I used from Pinterest has you put 2/3 cup seeds into the jars when starting the seeds.  The barley and wheat grass seeds are pushing their way through the cheesecloth and are tightly packed, so I will not use as much of them next time.  I'm going to start another jar tomorrow, but I'll use a quart jar then.  

Anyway, I hope I have sprouts tomorrow to try out on the girls.....

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